Material Assessment

Wafer Technology employs a comprehensive set of materials characterisation tools to ensure full conformity of product supplied. All assessment is managed according to ISO9001:2000 certified quality control systems.

Surface and Flat OrientationX-Ray Diffraction
(Bede Triple Axis Diffractometer)
Defect DensityEtching, microscopy and Zeiss Aixotron, defect recognition microscopy

Bulk Properties
Carrier concentrationKeithley Automatic Hall Test System
MobilityAs above
ResistivityAs above
PurityGDMS analysis

Dimensional Control
Flat lengthsMitutoyo Optical Comparitor
DiameterAs Above
Edge ProfileAs Above
(TTV, TIR, Bow, Warp)
Tropel FM100 Flatmaster

Polish Quality
TextureNomarski microscope
Sub-surface damageETOCAP
Haze and ParticulatesTencor Surfscan 6220
Collimated Light Inspection
Surface compositionSIMS
'Epi-ready' performanceMOCVD and MBE

As a member of IQE plc, Wafer Technology's characterisation portfolio also extends to the regular use of an extensive Group metrology service which is comprised of many state-of-the-art wafer assessment tools. These include advanced surface analysis by atomic force microscopy (Veeco Digital Instruments DI3100) and 3D surface profilometry (Taylor Hobson Talysurf CCI 3000). Electrical assessments are made using contactless sheet resistance (Lehighton LEI1500RS) and layer thickness determinations by infra-red microscopy (Film Expert MKS 2140). Metrology is a critical aspect of product conformity and together with our own in-house range of assessment tools enables us to deliver the highest quality of product.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss a bespoke range of further wafer characterisation options.