"Epitaxy Ready" Polished Wafers

Wafer Technology offers epitaxy-ready wafers across its entire product range. This ensures high quality and consistent performance in epitaxial growth. Key features of the company's products include:

  • Epitaxy Ready' for MBE, MOVPE and LPE type processes for enhanced reproducibility as well as significant savings to the users in both time and wet chemical costs.
  • Chemo-mechanically polished on one or both sides using our proprietary polishing technology.
  • Proprietary techniques used to measure the composition and thickness of III-V wafer surfaces. Ensures consistent oxide desorption prior to epitaxial layer growth.
  • Fully edge-rounded and supplied with two orientation flats to aid in the identification of crystallographic faces.
  • Lasermarked immediately after cutting, with both ingot and slice number, to ensure perfect traceability throughout later processing steps.
  • Packaged in individual Fluoroware type trays then sealed in two outer bags in an inert atmosphere. The bags provide a total gas, moisture and light barrier to help preserve wafer quality during shipping and storage.
  • Supplied with a full Certificate of Conformance detailing all of the measured mechanical and electrical specifications. Other complimentary data set packs available upon request (for example, 2D/3D Tropel flatness maps and surface roughness plots)
Epitaxy Ready Polished Wafers